10 Marvel Snap Cards That Need A Nerf

Can we stay away from these Marvel Snap cards for now, please?

In almost every set of cards in any card game, there are a few cards that stand out as “beasts.” The same is true for Marvel Snap. A card that can be useful in almost any deck is going to be seen by a lot of people, which isn’t always a good thing, especially if some of those cards cost money to get.

You can’t get around it. Like Pokemon moves, there are times when a card needs to be nerfed. Some have too much power and amazing skills without much of a downside. Others are very cheap to play, but can completely change the way a fight goes. There will always be disagreement about which cards need to be nerfed, but here are some that a lot of players can agree on.


If you’ve played Marvel Snap for more than five minutes, you’ve probably already run into a group of Sunspots.The one-cost card is easy to put in any deck because it gets stronger based on how much energy you have left over at the end of your turn.

This means, of course, that Sunspot can be a total force of nature for a player who only wants to focus on two lanes. Killmonger is one of the few good ways to deal with this card, but not everyone wants to play a destroy deck. Setting Sunspot’s starting power to 0 might be a way to weaken it a little.


A good discard deck that includes Hela has the chance to win every game. This is because, if Hela shows up on the pitch, every card you’ve thrown away will be put back on the pitch at random.Hela can’t lose if she fills her discard deck with powerful cards.

The randomness of abilities tries to make things more fair, but it might be even better if Hela’s ability had a limit on how many people she could bring back to life. This makes strong discard decks a little less useful, but it doesn’t make them useless.


Klaw’s high cost and low power might make some people disagree that he needs a nerf, but his ability can be a game-winner in an instant if Marvel Snap game’s many places aren’t on your side. If any position is blocked by an ability, Klaw can add six power to that location all of a sudden, making it almost impossible to lose in that lane.

As long as Marvel Snap player has at least one other good lane, winning is almost guaranteed. Klaw could be made more balanced if his cost and power were lowered, or if the power he adds to another place was lowered.


Considering how useful Mojo can be, it’s almost amazing that so few players seem to use the card. Mojo can work well with a lot of the best decks. If players think outside the box about how to use it.

This makes things hard for other players because a two-cost card goes from two strength to eight strength if Mojo is in a spot that is already full (on both sides). If you can copy Mojo and your opponent is trying to fill their lanes. You have two big power players ready to be used against them.

White Tiger

Everyone has probably already been hurt by a White Tiger deck that is stacked against them. Even though the card itself doesn’t need any changes to its cost or power. The different tigers she puts in other places do. Even though the first skill only sets one, that is easy to change.

At seven power per tiger, White Tiger can work well with Wong and Odin to make a monster. A, and that’s before adding any more strength boosts. Taking away some of the power of those tigers would definitely make things more fair.


Rescue is another strong card that a lot of people seem to ignore. With some creative use, it can also kill you. Rescue costs four and has four power. If you play a card in the same lane on your next turn, it gets an extra five power.

Yes, that makes you vulnerable to a play that can be seen coming, but most Marvel Snap players will be focused on getting a useful five-cost card onto the field on the next turn. Since there aren’t many five-cost cards that can stop Rescue besides Gamora. The card is almost certain to be a force on the field.


Anyone who has ever seen a trash deck has seen Killmonger. The simple card with three costs gets rid of any one-cost cards on the field when it is played. The trouble with this is that Killmonger could steal a whole Geometry Dash Subzero game all by himself.

If Killmonger is the last card played in a game, anyone who is building a one-cost deck or even an Ultron deck can go from being the best player to losing badly. Again, making it so that you can only affect a certain number of played cards would even the odds and make destroy decks a little less dangerous.


Shang-Chi is liked and disliked by everyone. The four-cost card is now a mainstay in many decks because it can destroy a very strong lane. When Shang-Chi comes out, any monster with nine or more power is killed right away.

Shang-Chi would still be useful if the effect of his ability was raised from nine to something higher. This would make the card more balanced and keep him from taking out a whole lane by himself. This wouldn’t kill Shang-Chi, but it would make the card much more useful in certain situations. Before, it was always powerful by turn six.


Even though moving decks don’t seem to be as popular as they used to be. Some skilled players still use them. The very strong Vulture card is one of the most important parts of a movement deck. The enemy can be used on turn 3, and if you move him, he becomes an 8-power card.

A skilled player with a movement deck will have all the best choices. Which means that the deck doesn’t lack any really strong cards. Even though movement decks aren’t as common as they used to be, a small change to Vulture’s ability can do a lot to make them more fair.

Red Skull

At first glance, Red Skull seems to be in good shape. He says he has fifteen power, but he will give all enemy cards at the same spot an extra two power. The problem is that Red Skull is a five-cost card. So it’s easy to cancel out his ability and then combine it with the strength of another card.

With a little imagination, Red Skull can be turned into a 15-power card with no downside that can have its power boosted by other cards and then copied by other cards as well. This card makes it easy for two lanes to have more than 30 power in just two turns.