10 Hardest Shrines In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Here are a few shrines in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that might make you feel anxious.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has a gripping story that takes you through a beautiful open world. There’s a lot to find in the game. Like Breath of the Wild, you have to find your way through a number of shrines with puzzles and challenges.

There are different kinds of shrines. Some of them have you build things, while others have you practise fighting. Some sites are easy to run through, while others might take a few tries. Here is a list of some of the game’s more challenging shrines.


If you don’t know much about engineering, you might find the Jiukoum Shrine very frustrating. The main thing you have to do at this shrine is play Jenga with the metal pieces you find around it to make bridges and other ways to get around.

This shrine will teach you how to slide on rails first. This is an important skill that you will need for the rest of the shrine. At this level, you have to be very patient with yourself because it’s easy to mess up your settings. Of course, books are made for people who have given up on trying to figure it out on their own.


Shrines are great places to learn about many different parts of the game. Even though the Ishodag Shrine is hard, its main goal is to teach you how to use fans. If you can get through this shrine, hopefully you’ll be able to use fans for everything.

The hardest part of this shrine is not using the fans, but rather working out where to put them so that they work. You’ll need to get creative with a homemade raft and figure out how to use the fan to control the shrine itself.


You might notice that the name of the Orochium shrine is interesting: “Courage to Fall.” This is a great tip about how to get through the shrine, just like it is in many other shrines. As you try to open doors and dodge lasers in the beginning of the shrine, you may start to feel lost.

The key to this shrine, though, is to do exactly what you shouldn’t and set off one of the laser traps. When you do, you’ll fall through a hole and start your real journey through the shrine. Just make sure you only touch the right lights, because the others won’t help as much.


Since the Riogok shrine is high up on a mountain, you’ll need to be ready to do some climbing to get there. Once you’re in the shrine, you’ll need to use Ultrahand well to move around the items there. Be careful, though, because it’s easy to make a mistake and get locked in.

This shrine requires a lot of careful rearranging, and it may take you a while to figure out how to set up the doors and levels so you can get through.


Talking to NPCs, especially at stables, is one of the best ways to find shrines. If you are at Snowfield Stable, you should be able to look up and see the Oshozan-u Shrine balanced on top of the mountains to the north. Even though you know where it is, it will be hard to get to the shrine through the snow, so make sure to pack for the trip.

That doesn’t just mean food and a warm place to stay. It also means something that will help you get to the shrine, which is quite high up. Once you get into the shrine, you’ll need to be creative and figure out how to use the materials you’re given to make tools that will help you get through it.


Some shrines in the game have tasks you have to do outside of the shrine, while others have tasks you have to do inside the shrine. Some shrines have quests you need to do before you can find or get to them. Before you can do the tasks that lead to the Zakusu Shrine, you will have to skydive and snowboard.

If you make it through those Olympian chores and find the Zakusu Shrine, you will be stripped of all your belongings and given very simple weapons. Then, you have to use those tools to kill the Contructs in the shrine, as well as some of the quick moves you used before going in to avoid lasers.


Like Zakusu, once you enter the Sifumim shrine, all of your things will be taken away, and you will only be given a few wooden weapons. To fight the Constructs, you must carefully move around the room, using places to hide and high points to your advantage. Be very careful around the Captain Construct because it will be hard to beat with the tools you have.

In this shrine, you have to think quickly and find things in the room that will help you beat your enemies. Once you figure out how to beat all of the Constructs, however, you will be able to leave the shrine.


You will pass by the Igoshon shrine on your way to the Water Temple, which is one of the hardest levels in Basket Random game. The shrine is like a warm-up. To get around the shrine, you have to move carefully through the water orbs that are floating around it. This may be hard because the shrine will change many of your moves. When you jump, you float, which makes it hard to get in the right place to aim for the orbs.

It’s not as easy as just riding the orbs, though. You’ll need to use a lot of your skills to change the orbs’ paths so they take you where you need to go.


This is another shrine that takes away all of your items when you enter. However, in the Mayachideg shrine, you are given some simple weapons and Zonai machines. These Zonai will move slowly towards the enemy that is closest to them.

You should figure out how to get the Zonai to do what you want because soon you’ll be in a room full of ready-to-attack Constructs. Use the Zonai and other things in the room to your advantage if you can get them together. This will help you beat the constructs and get out of the Mayachideg shrine safely.


You have to finish the North Lomei Labyrinth before you can go to the Mayaotaki shrine. One of the best tips for getting through the maze is written on a tablet right at the door. It says that there should be a path of pinecones for you to follow.

Ice and darkness are everywhere in the path that leads to the Mayaotaki shrine, so make sure you have the tools you need to get through it. Once you get through the maze, you’ll see the frozen door to the Mayaotaki shrine, which isn’t too hard to get into. Then, the problem is trying to find your way out of the maze.