10 Best Skills In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Show how much Cal has grown by using these skills against his enemies.

Cal Kestis has changed a lot since he escaped the anger of the Second Sister, a former Jedi student of Cere who turned evil. In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, he chose his path without the help of his old friends. In Fallen Order, Cal got his Jedi training back as a young Padawan and became a Jedi Knight at the highest point of his journey.

His skills have only gotten better over the years, and it shows. Cal now has a lot of control over the force and his own fighting skills thanks to Survivor. He is a real joy to use as our Jedi avatar because of this.

Perfected Stim Formula

There are a few skills in the Survivor skill tree that make sure Cal’s heart keeps beating no matter what dangers he faces on Koboh, Jedha, and the rest of his journey. The best of these skills might give Cal the second chance he needs in a fight that is going badly.

Perfected Stim Formula is the skill that lets Cal get the most health back from each stim use. During your run, you will face some of the hardest boss fights you’ve ever seen. This will help you a lot.

Howling Push

During his time in the Fallen Order, Cal could use this force move. But in the world of Survivor, it’s still very useful because it can quickly help keep a crowd in check. The terrain is pretty vertical, so being able to push enemies over rocks with a lot of force will come in handy when a group of enemies attacks.

Howling Push is the most powerful level of the standard force push. It has a large radius and does the most damage. This means that it can attack more than one enemy at once. Even if there isn’t a ledge close, it’s always good to give yourself some space.

Endless Hurricane

There are five force forms, and each one has its own set of skills. Endless Hurricane is in the skill tree for skills with two blades. When used, this power makes your basic attack chain last longer. You should attack your opponents with everything you have and not give them much time to respond. You can do that by making your strike chain longer.

Also, the double-bladed style made famous by Darth Maul really focuses on quick, powerful jabs that are useful in crowded settings. The Endless Hurricane will make this plan even better.

Back Step Slash

Two lightsabers at once is sure to be a fan favourite. After all, Cal can protect himself from strikes and, especially, blaster bolts by moving farther. But sometimes the enemy is very strong and unpredictable. It might not be the best idea to go in for a number of cuts.

When facing a rancour, you have to choose your moves carefully or Cal will become rancour food. With the back step slash, Cal is pushed forward and quickly cuts with both of his blades. He then jumps backwards. It’s a powerful move with a built-in way to avoid it, which keeps you on your toes.

Vortex Dive

This attack, like most special strikes, takes from your force metre. But in the end, it can do a lot of damage and surprise the enemy. Cal will jump forward and spin his two-bladed sabre around like a drill when he is killed.

With enemies that deal a lot of damage, like legendary beasts, you can use this move to whip the enemy to the side while doing a lot of damage. This will give you a chance to attack again. Just make sure you never go straight for a big enemy, or this plan won’t work. They should be cut on the side. Also, make sure the mullet is in place to get the most style points.

Charged Throw

If you don’t have the Blaster stance yet but want to hit from farther away, the charged throw is a good choice. This is in the skill tree for single-blade weapons. Just like Darth Vader will throw his sabre at the stage Luke is standing on during their fight in Return of the Jedi, you can also throw your sabre at enemies from a distance to cause trouble.

This ability is an improvement to the normal throw that gives the attack more power. If you like using a single blade, make sure to get this skill.

Mass Slam

Have you ever just wanted to pick up and slam an enemy? How about a bunch of bad guys? With the Mass Slam skill, you can now. Stormtroopers’ lives are literally in the palms of your force-powered hands.

It’s a beautiful thing to see, and it’s even better to pull off. It also makes the enemy’s troops weaker quickly. But be careful: it will cost you three skill points to get this lovely skill.

Point Blank

Obi-wan says that Cal will use anything he can get his hands on, even something as barbaric as a gun. After you learn the stance, you can get this defence move for one skill point. It is without a doubt worth the cost.

It lets you block an enemy with your gun instead of your shield. You’ll hit an enemy with a single blaster shot right before they attack, making them vulnerable to more attacks. On any world, your enemies will know what it’s like to have a blaster pointed at them.

Rising Storm

You can learn this powerful move by going to the double-bladed skill tree. It brings enemies close and sends Cal into the area so he can follow up with strong attacks. It’s a way to get your enemies together in one place so you can attack them all at once.

This may help you get out of a dangerous place where many enemies are attacking you at once. But be careful, because it will cost you force.

Rolling Thunder

Rolling Thunder is part of the skill tree for the Cross Guard stance. Drift Boss stance is good for hitting hard. So, it’s a bit slower and a little less graceful than the other lightsaber positions. But Cal is sure to be able to use it against monsters with stronger armour.

With Rolling Thunder, you’ll be able to throw your blade at enemies once more. This time, though, you can throw your sabre in a straight line through several enemies, making it a very dangerous move.