10 Best EX Moves In Street Fighter: Duel

What are the best EX moves in Street Fighter: Duel? There are a lot to choose from.

As you play Street Fighter: Duel, you’ll start to be able to use more and more EX Moves. You can use these moves after short cooldown times to make your fights more interesting.

You already have a good number of EX Moves, and they are all great in their own ways. Most of the time, the moves you use will depend on how you play and how your team is put together, even though there are a few moves that most players who want to be the best have to have.

Chains Of Guilt

One of the first EX Moves you can learn is also one that most players probably still use. Chains of Guilt is an easy move from Cody that hurts the opponent with the least amount of health.

The damage of this move, which could be a game-ender, is based on your team’s strongest attack and then increased by the level of the move. It can be very useful because, based on the level of the move, it also slows down the target for a set amount of time.

Nature’s Advent

Sakura’s Nature’s Advent is another early EX Move that most people probably still use because it helps heal. The move heals a small amount of all of your fighter’s health and also makes their defence stronger.

These affects only get stronger as you level up the move, which means that it keeps getting more and more powerful. This skill is useful in both PvE and PvP, and it works well with almost any team you might try.

Toxic Love

Poison’s move is another easy way to do more damage to your enemies, but it also has the ability to make them more charming. This move does a large amount of damage based on your team’s average attack.

At its weakest, when the move hits a fighter, you have a 40% chance to charm them for a few seconds. You can level up the move to improve both the chance of charm and the length of its effect.

Tanuki Whirl

The Tanuki Whirl is another EX Move you can get after playing Street Fighter: Duel game for at least a month. Tanuki Whirl might be just what you’ve been missing if you’ve been looking for a special move that can hit all of your enemies.

Based on the average attack of your team, the move does a small amount of damage to the whole enemy team. Even though that isn’t great, the fact that it can also break your enemies’ armour is, especially if you want to do a lot of damage to them.

Crimson Lotus Flame

Crimson Lotus Flame is a good EX Move, so if you like Ken a lot, you’ll probably want to use it as soon as you can. You can’t be blamed for that, since it’s a good move.Based on the average attack of your team, a barrage of missiles does a huge amount of damage to your enemies.

Each hit of the move has a small chance of giving the enemy team burns, and of course, the more levels you give the skill, the more damage it does and the more likely it is to cause burns. If you use a flame team, the move can also help level up your flame attackers.

Breath Of Rage

At first look, Breath of Rage might put some people off, but the high-risk move can also pay off in a big way. Your attackers will lose 10% of their health, but their attack and critical hit rates will be increased by 10% for a few seconds.

By levelling up the move, you can increase how long it lasts and how much damage it does. This is a great skill to use before a huge combo if you want to run through your enemies with a quick boost to your strength.

He Of A Thousand Hits

The special EX Move of Akuma doesn’t seem to be fully understood yet. Even though it can make some great things happen, it’s possible that people will figure out how to take advantage of it at some point.

The move gives your strongest character the Deva state, which lets you keep increasing that fighter’s attack for the rest of the fight. This lets you get anywhere from a 15% to a 28% boost to your attack. You can also get more damage from fire and the soul.

Gore Magala Blast

People might be a little upset that this move can only be used during the Monster Hunter combined event. There might be an easy way to get this move in the future, but for now, most people won’t be able to use it.

Because this move lets you pay to win, it does a lot of damage and gives and takes away buffs at the same time. If you have a combo ready to go when you use this move, you can boost critical hits and lower the enemy’s defence.


Most people won’t be able to use Chun-Li’s great little EX Move unless they put in a lot of hard work, but it’s well worth it. When you use a skill, the move basically sends a drone onto the field to deal damage.

The move doesn’t do a lot of damage, but when you use it, it adds 50 to your super combo gauge. This will make you want to use it. Anyone with a creative mind will be able to use this powerful move in a great way.

Crazy Potato

If you already use and love Nature’s Advent, you’ll probably beg for Eggy Car. This is another move that heals your fighters, but this one gives them a strong shield that can protect them for a long time.

The move will heal your team by 5%, but the shield that protects your fighter for almost 10 seconds and is worth 10% of their health is amazing. You can tank super attacks even if your team doesn’t have a tank.